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He reduced his energy cost by over 40%. Learn more about why Olaf offer this FREE service to preserve the world for future generations.

Energy costs skyrocket in 2022 and a lot of my friends suffer. As we live in a self-sufficient wooden house since 2009, I have a lot of experience about reducing energy costs. Most of my tips to reduce energy costs do not need any investment from your side. Just if you want to make your home climate positive and self-sufficient, you need to invest in your heating and energy system.

Besides my own research since years around energy costs and climate change, I was deeply involved in Viessmanns transition into a supplier of climate solutions for generations to come. Building outstanding, customer centric heating and energy solutions with their new Heatpump Lineup and battery storage educated me a lot in the space. I have true passion around saving the world for future generations.

In 2022 I joined Eliq, a Swedish startup that offers energy saving tips to consumers. Combined with my personal knowledge I am happy to fight climate change by enabling you to reduce your energy spend using this service.

I have compiled all my tips here and offer a FREE energy saving tutorial for you based on your personal profile.

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